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5 Fencing Alternatives For Your Garden

If you’re decorating your garden or are looking for the new stylish way to adapt your fencing, here are the best alternatives to your current traditional fencing.

When your fencing keeps falling down due to the awful weather or is slowly eroding, this blog is the perfect solution for your fence alternatives.



As the trellis is available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles, the trellis is perfect for supporting a wide range of plants as well as any foods which you may choose to plant and grow in your garden. If you choose to grow foods, whilst it is growing, it could also become a decorative piece.

Like the way the trellis is styled and created by allowing natural light to appear through it, the fencing breaks people’s views as well as distracting people’s attention.

Trellis Fencing

Made and constructed for longevity, the trellis fencing is perfect for providing support to climbing plants. As it is made with a strong structure, this product is made with pressure treated timber to ensure durability to keep your plants and foods growing for longer.

Square Trellis


While some plants stay small, there are many options for your hedges to grow to be able to offer maximum privacy for the home and garden. 

When planting hedges and other plants in your garden, you can also attract wildlife and birds to nest around your garden, especially if they have trees which they can make their home.

Hedging Garden

As well for the comparison between wooden fencing and hedges, so if you’re getting a gust of wind in your garden. Your fence will be broken, resulting in the fence panels being flung around your garden. 

Whereas your hedge will absorb all of the wind, whilst letting sections in throughout the cracks, which will prevent your hedging from being damaged, which helps prevent future costs due to maintenance - which is a bonus!

As well, you can use the hedges as decoration to be grown and place around your garden which can be reconstructed into shapes and other decorated designs, especially if you’re feeling creative.

Hedging Decoration

Traditional & Peling Panels

Whether you’re creating a secluded outdoor area for your family or trying to prevent a mischievous pet from running riot around the streets. These panels do exactly what they’re meant to, all you have to do is choose a style, whilst being placed around your garden!

From a range of gapped paling panels to double-sided paling fencing, there is an array of fencing which can be designed, arranged and placed around your garden.

Double Sided Paling Panels

Arched Panels

With a range of patterns of designs, there are many fencing panels which are perfect for privacy and design to be placed around your garden.

The V-Arched panel has a sturdy structure making it extremely tough and hardwearing, which gives the fence longevity. The extra support in the centre of the frame makes the panel extremely weather-resistant, which also reduces those extra maintenance costs.

The unique V-shape on the fencing creates and portrays a unique design. This fencing also creates a standalone attractive feature for your garden.

 V-Shaped Panels


As the perfect alternative to traditional fencing, bamboo spreads quickly and is an excellent choice for either creating natural fences or privacy screens, to be sure you have your privacy when at home!

Bamboo - Fencing Alternatives

For ease, bamboo fencing is available in either roll and panels, which helps with the range of styles. Bamboo fencing rolls are most suitable for covering an existing wall, wooden fence or mesh panel, to be able to ensure privacy, and extra styling to your fencing around your garden.

Bamboo screens, on the other hand, are best used as freestanding fence panels to create more privacy between two gardens as well as seclusion from other people, especially when unwanted to see into your home.

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