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Why your fence falls in the wind?

Extreme windy conditions are one of the main reasons why your fence falls in the wind but what are the best ways to recover and prevent this from happening again?

Poorly installed fence posts

Majority of the time, if the wind destroys or knocks down your fencing, the cause of this is poorly installed fence posts and panels. If your fence posts and panels are being knocked down when there are extreme weather conditions, maintenance and refurbishing your fencing can become expensive.

 There are many ways to fix your fence post which will help prevent your fence from falling in the windy weather conditions. Fixing or replacing loose, damaged or old fencing will prevent your fence panels from flying around your or your neighbour’s garden - and nobody wants that!

Weathered Fence

Trim Trees and Remove Objects

One of the main reasons why fences fall down in the wind and other extreme weather conditions is overhanging branches and objects which are placed outdoors near the fences which could possibly destroy it.

A weak branch can easily be ripped down from nearby trees by a gust of wind and the branches can easily destroy your fences. Therefore, removing overhanging branches from the trees which are surrounding your garden will ensure the safety of your fencing in a windstorm.


Lack of expertise

If there is a lack of expertise when you are fitting and installing your fencing including your fence posts, there may be mistakes with your fencing which makes it possibly more vulnerable when there are weather conditions, especially extreme wind. 

If you are going to fit and install this fencing yourself, and some DIY, make sure that you have tightened all the loose posts and sections in your fencing to make sure your fence panel is more susceptible to high winds. 

At Hillsborough Fencing, we provide professional fence fitting to help prevent your fencing from being destroyed and falling down in the wind. Our 5 full-time teams of fitters have 20 years of experience making the job seamless from start to finish.


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