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Family-Friendly Garden ideas

At Hillsborough Fencing we understand the value a family friendly garden can provide to a home. The space can be colourful, great for relaxing and safe for playing. Get the layout right and you could find your whole family spending more time outside enjoying the fresh air and getting some sun.

Our range of products will help you to create the perfect garden. We have children's garden furniture, arbours and seats, and even stock high quality sleepers that can be used for creating boundaries, steps, features, and decking. If you need any help selecting products our team is here to provide it.

Railway sleepers are amongst the best materials if you want to separate your garden into specific areas. For example you could use them to create boundaries for flower beds so that children playing don't trample on the flowers or disturb them when kicking balls or playing with toys. The sleepers can be used for sandpits and for areas around climbing frames and play sets too. The latter can let you put materials like wood chips down that provide a softer landing.

Railway Sleepers

Many people like to have a pond in their garden that they can fill with colourful fish. If you have children though, safety becomes an issue. Rather than removing the pond you can use summer sleepers to create a boundary that shows exactly where the edge of the water is. This way it is less likely anybody will fall in. Add netting or a purpose made safety grid to make the pond even safer.

Stone patios may look good but they don't offer a soft landing or a very comfortable surface to sit on. Sleepers can be used as an alternative deck. The fact they are designed to be durable and long lasting makes them perfect for decking. They are also more environmentally friendly and will add a natural look to the garden.

Railway Sleeper Patio

If you do opt to use sleepers for decking it is crucial you keep quality and safety in mind. It may be best to opt for either untreated or tanalised materials rather than those that have been treated with creosote or other chemicals. You don't want to risk using any material that may be harmful to people, pets, or plants.

A deck made of sleepers can be used for a wide array of activities, from family dining to seating and playing. Ensure the deck is placed in a great location where it doesn't take up the whole garden and benefits from being in the sun.

The best family friendly gardens should be colourful and eye-catching. Although many people love the colours of natural and tanalised wood, there is still the option to paint the materials brighter colours. Whether you have used sleepers for steps, decking, boundaries, or furniture, you can paint them. Just be careful selecting safe paints and keep in mind you'll need to touch it up over time to keep it looking great.

The M-track sleepers we offer are very high quality. There are both new and used products on offer, catering for people who want a contemporary or rustic look. We strive to provide the very best prices and fast delivery whenever clients place an order with us. That way you can make a great investment in your garden and get started improving it quickly.

If you have any questions about our products please get in touch. We are happy to help and can offer plenty of useful tips about how to use sleepers. In addition, we can work with you to expand your ideas and ensure you get the perfect layout for your family friendly garden.


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