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How to enhance your garden with fencing?

From the privacy of your garden to the sectioning of your garden, there are many ways to enhance your garden with fencing.

Below are the best ways to enhance your garden.


If you’re looking for a decorative fence style that improves privacy while still keeping the garden light and open then a trellis panel is a perfect option. With gaps between the wood, the privacy trellis panels are a perfect alternative to concealing your garden from onlookers without completely blocking out the light. 

Trellis Panels


Screening and Sections

As your outside space is an extension of your home, and as with any household space, there is potential for clutter and untidiness, especially if you have a young family or enjoy buying new gadgets for the garden.

To enjoy your garden or entertain friends without having to see unsightly clutter we recommend introducing a garden screen or fencing to section your garden, potentially with a gate for easy access.

Garden Screening

If you enjoy categorising or sectioning your garden, for different activities or to stay that bit more organised, adding fencing with gates would be the perfect choice for you! As well, adding arches with fencing will add stylish walkways to your garden.  

The arches have a decorative diamond trellis combined with a gently curved arch which is ideal for growing plants on. As well as plants, you could possibly grow extra foods and flowers. This means you can have foods grown organically, meaning you can experiment with new foods!

Garden Arches and Walkways


When deciding the security for your garden, fencing is one of the main factors.  If you add fencing, such as Double Sided paling fencing, around your garden, can provide privacy and security. 

Garden fencing

The fencing creates a solid boundary between properties, providing you with efficient privacy and additional security.

To increase your security further, adding deterrent spikes to your fencing will deter any unwanted guests. Adding the spikes on the fencing around the garden will deliver maximum deterrent but minimum harm.

Garden and Home Security


Adding Colour

When decorating your outdoor space, especially with fencing, there is the customisation of the design which helps enhance your garden. 

Fencing is used to segment areas but can be used to customise or create the perfect base for your organic foods, plants and flowers to grow and add that extra design to your home! 

When choosing the fencing to add your garden, adding colour to your fencing will make your garden more unique and personable to you - which is a bonus!

White Picketed Fencing


As well as using fencing to enhance your garden, you can also use accessories on your garden for either an extra layer of security or design.

For your fencing, you can also add extra security to your garden and your home. To be able to deter deterrents from entering or trespassing into your home, it is important to add deterrent spikes to be able to deter with minimum harm. For the deterrent spikes, the unique double-hinge design allows it to be formed neatly on fence tops, pipes and other irregular surfaces for maximum security.

As well as security, you can also enhance the design of your garden’s fencing. One of the many design additions you can add to your fencing is fence toppers. 

Fence toppers are an addition which has many purposes. From increasing security, extending the height, adding privacy and creating a customised design to your fencing, fence toppers can improve the look of your fence and overall garden design.

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