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Ideas for Designing Small Garden Spaces

With the limited space that smaller gardens offer, there are many advantages to the ideas when designing your smaller garden.

Here are a few ideas for designing small garden spaces: 

Garden Lighting

Small gardens definitely have their advantages, but when it comes to designing them you might struggle to fit it all in without overcrowding, but with the right outdoor lighting you can transform the area into somewhere you’ll love to use.


Solar Lighting

In your garden, adding solar lighting in the garden is a great option because they are easily flexible which means that you can move them around with ease. With the ease of use, they can be easily set up anywhere in your garden.

As the solar lighting, is easy to use, if you change your mind or would like to create a spotlight to a different area you can easily move them around the garden. 

Whether you want to highlight a new range of plants added to your garden, or bring more light to an area when you’re entertaining.


Outdoor Wall Lighting

With the smaller garden, wall lights are a great option for small gardens, especially because there isn’t a lot of garden space taken up. 

You can position them along your walls to provide some lighting around your garden, and if you choose a sleek fitting, as the outdoor wall light, they can look pretty inconspicuous too.

Wall Lighting

The outdoor wall lighting is also perfect for gatherings with friends and family as well as any outdoor activities.

These wall lights are a great option, especially if you have a seating area right outside, as you might not need to consider any other lighting for further into the garden.

Wall Lanters


Layers and Levels

When it comes to your smaller garden, adding interest to a small garden by adding in different levels and multiple layers. 

This can be a sunken terrace area and a raised lawn, which created multiple layers to your garden which can also create multiple storage solutions around your garden. 

The ledges and stairs will help open up how you can use the space, adding in extra spots for plant pots to be arranged.

With the multiple layers, you can create designated areas around your garden. From a sitting area to a BBQ, creating these surroundings can also make your garden extra visually appealing.

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