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Why Decking Would Be Perfect For Your Garden

There are lots of ways to enhance the appearance and usefulness of your garden, no matter how much space you have at your disposal to work with. One of the ways to increase the features in your garden is with the use of decking.

When adding it to your garden, decking can be used in a variety of ways, giving you the versatility to help you create an array of areas in your garden, including the space for relaxation - which is always a bonus!

What Is Decking Good For?

With decking, not only can it improve the appearance of a garden, but it is also multifunctional and can be placed in different areas around your garden. One of the most popular reasons for having decking fitted is because it helps to create a homely and cosy atmosphere to your garden, as well as providing space for an outdoor seating venue – perfect for summer BBQs and another outdoor dining - especially when the weather permits!

As decking is built above ground, it is also an ideal solution for people looking to level their garden, as well as, creating multiple levels throughout your garden - which also makes it perfect if you want to create different sections throughout the outdoors areas. 

Having decking can create a flat surface, and make the whole outdoor area appear much more finished. 

Perfect Outdoor Area

When adding timber decking to your garden, can create a flexible space for you and your family to take part in an array of outdoor activities and can you can take part all year round.

Whether you want to relax on a deck chair, you want to relax and feel close to nature and the outdoors or if you have children who are exciting to play outdoors, having decking in your garden is suitable for all of this and more - which always make it a bonus! 

Outdoor Decking

With the versatility of decking, you can use it around ponds, pool and even around your water features. Even if you’re garden doesn’t consist of water features, you can use decking for walkways and separations around your garden.


Longevity and Durability

With the redwood decking, as it is hard-wearing, and as the materials are good quality, it ensures that the decking has longevity and as they are fully presented treated, it prevents the decking from decaying. 

When choosing out of the options, the redwood decking is also a practical choice for outdoor seating and activities as it supports heavy weights easily without any damage which is also supported with dimensional stability with dried kiln wood. This means that the decking will last a long time without needing extensive maintenance throughout its lifetime.

For the maintenance of your decking, there are steps to take to protect your decking all year round, but especially during the winter times. The deck would only require the occasional vacuum or sweep, and an annual varnish if you want it to stay extra fresh - which is beneficial!

Redwood Decking 



Due to the cost of decking, it can be an inexpensive addition to your home and depending on an array of factors, it can actually increase the value of your home as well. With the many features of deckings to your home, they are always the perfect addition to your home.

As well as the redwood decking having a lower price point, there is a lower amount of maintenance due to the full pressure treated which helps with the decking being Lighter in weight, stronger in the application, helps protect against decay and improves dimensional stability.

Garden Decking with outdoor seating area


What is the best treatment for timber decking?

To keep your decking strong and healthy, we strongly recommend protecting your decking with a suitable treatment. With Our Decking End Grain Preserver, you can protect the cut ends of decking to keep the wood strong. The decking preserver also protects from rot and decay. 

You can also paint over it with our Decking Stain or Oil to give it the ultimate weather protection. When using the decking end grain preserver, to be able to gain full protection you layer a coat over your decking to be able to protect from fungi and rotting.

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