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2021 Garden Decking Trends

As we are making it through 2021, whether its lighting or making your decking eco friendly, with  new decking trends, these are the ways to enhance your decking.

Read on to find out the trends for your garden decking in 2021 and beyond:


Deck Lighting 

Whether new or old, the decking in your garden can be revamped with the addition or new set of lighting. When designing your garden decking, lighting continues to become an essential element of any modern deck design.

In 2020, 2021 and some of the future, with the potential of friends and family being at home, enabling your deck to become a place where you can spend even more time has never been more important to be able to create that family community at your home. 

Adding deck lights allows you and your family to continue enjoying your outdoor space even when the sun has set. Their simple installation also means that you can become creative when choosing where to install them.


Decking Lighting


Multi-coloured Features

For your decking, the use of more than one colour of decking has grown in popularity over the last few years, meaning a wider range of colours is now available which means you can mix and match the colours throughout your garden, or switch it up overtime.

The range of colours means that you can be creative when getting new decking, and we see decks which feature combinations of both complementary shades and contrasting shades, with the use of two or more colours acting as a way of making a decking more unique.

As there is a unique ability with your decking, this means that you don’t just have to have solid colours, to make your decking really unique, you can create patterns and other creativity for your garden.


Eco-friendly decking

Whilst climate change and the environment is a hot topic, more and more people are wanting to play their part in securing the future of the planet. This can also extend to your decking, with eco-friendly decking.

With composite decking, it provides the ideal solution, thanks to being made from 95 percent recycled materials. It only uses recycled plastic from waste plastic bags, and wood waste, which is always beneficial for the environment.

The use of recycled materials combined with composite decking’s durability, makes it the perfect choice for consumers looking to improve their outdoor spaces with minimal impact on the environment; which could make it the perfect choice for your garden.

Outdoor Warmth

In your garden, an outdoor fireplace is another cold weather cure for the trends of your garden decking designs. With your family, on an evening, gather by the fireplace or fire pit with your loved ones, despite the cool, crisp weather. Outdoor fireplaces provide the same heating benefits as a built-in heater, but also add a warm, cosy feel to your outdoor aesthetic.

As well as fireplaces, if you’re looking for the heat, but not watching fire, for those colder regions or cooler months, consider a deck heater. 

Warm your outdoor space with a built-in deck heater. Unlike designs of the past, modern deck heaters can be built right into your deck to be slim and discreet, as well as integrating perfectly to be able to create the best aesthetic for your garden.

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