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Cool Summer Houses

When the weather gets warmer and you want to relax in the garden, you need a cool summer house to sunbathe and relax with your friends and family.


If you are looking for a warmer place in your garden, using a greenhouse as a place to relax could be the perfect spot for you! As well as growing plants in your greenhouse, you can relax and sunbathe in your greenhouse, which is suitable in any weather.


Wooden Summer Houses

As well as using greenhouses, another summer house which is perfect for relaxation and comfortability, are the wooden summer houses. This whinston summer house is another perfect summer house which can be placed in your garden.

Some wooden summerhouses include porch steps or canopies to help extend the front of the summerhouse to give you more space - this could be an additional place for storage! Summerhouses that are larger are typically designed in a similar style to that of log cabins.

Wooden SummerhouseWooden Summerhouse w/ Sun bedsWooden Summerhouse

Log Cabins

For a more luxurious summer house, having log cabins in your garden will give you a long-lasting space to relax in your garden. Log cabin summerhouses will look more magnificent in your garden. 

The log cabin construction will also provide you with a strong, sturdy outdoor building made to withstand harsh weather conditions and built to last. If you place your log cabin in woodland, it will give you more autumn vibes which you can create bonfires on a night!

Log CabinLog Cabin in Woods

Corner Summerhouses

When you are looking for a summer house to fit your garden, in these cases, you can use different shaped summerhouses including corned summerhouses which can fit perfectly in a different area in your garden.

The main benefit, as well as comfortability, is the additional space that you get in your garden from the corner summer houses. With the doors and windows on your summerhouse, it will give you a panoramic view of the surroundings of your garden.

Corner SummerhouseCorner Summerhouse

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