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Composite Fencing: Statistics you’ll need to know

When choosing composite fencing, there are different statistics you’ll need to know before purchasing your composite fencing, so what do you need to consider?


When choosing the best composite fencing for your garden, pricing can range depending on the size of the fencing, quality of the materials and if you decide to outsource the installation. 

One of the variables which can affect the price of fencing is the sizes as they can be easily changed. The size of composite fencing ranges but if you get a kit which is around 2.7 metres tall if you decide to get the fencing concreted into the ground and 1.9 metres tall when the fencing is bolted down. This results in the price being cheaper than timber decking, which will need annual maintenance. 

The price of fencing is also dependant on the supplier but getting yourself a composite fencing kit will result in a better quality of the product and a better price. 

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Why Composite Fencing?

Made from 60% sustainable wood and 40% recycled plastic, the composite fence panels are extremely strong and have consistent colour which doesn’t fade over time. When using composite fencing, it is created to be easily fitted using a system to let you slot-in the fencing, meaning it is easy to install and stays durable for longer periods of time. As the fencing is easy to install, this also reduces further maintenance costs - which is a bonus!

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Credit: Clever Wood Projects 

As composite fencing is fully customisable, it means you can design your fencing to suit your home using different colours. A combination of colours can be used for the posts and panels or you could choose to create a modern look by choosing an array of colours within the panels.

Range of composite fencing


In comparison to timber decking, the maintenance cost of composite fencing is close to £0 compared to an average of £600 - £700 over 10 years for traditional timber fencing. If you want to change or maintain your fencing, as it weighs around 5kg, it is really simple to handle and can be easily transported.

Especially because the fencing made with up to 95% recycled materials and a 25-year guarantee, you can save money and help save the planet!

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