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Composite Decking Trends

The composite decking market has grown exponentially over the last two decades, transforming the outdoor flooring industry as we know it. 

Composite decks are more durable, mould resistant, and stain resistant which makes them low maintenance and long-lasting, making composite decking perfect for your garden. 

Read on to find out the trends for your garden decking in 2021:


Natural Decking 

Composite decking is an ideal solution to being eco-friendly as it is made from 95% recycled materials, which is beneficial for the environment. Composite decking was never really in close competition with wood board decking, but in recent years the style and quality have improved dramatically and now look very similar.  

Although the cool greys and blacks are continuing to be popular all year round, expect the natural colours to make a stylish return in 2021. With a range of different colours available ranging from Black to Chocolate, composite decking has never looked closer to real wood boards.

Decking Trends

Creativity Is Key 

Adding a bit of design, flair and creativity can make your decking really stand out. The unusual and innovative designs are key to what makes your decking stand out. This is your chance to exercise some artistic license and create a unique deck that shows your creative side.

Designers are becoming more creative every year with the ways they create homeowners decking. Multilayered composite decking designs have become increasingly popular as homes are built in more obscure places. 

But, there are many ways you can be creative with your decking ranging from varied deck board lengths to a range of colours and shades being added into your decking. 

This allows people to have a quiet area to focus on personal wellness, a new place for family gatherings, or to capture that outdoor restaurant experience in their own back garden. As staycations have become increasingly more popular the composite decking sales will continue to increase.


Contrasting Colours  

One of the hardest parts about having composite decking in the garden is choosing the right colours as it's something that will be used all summer long. 

The colours that get chosen the most are the lighter greys. This is because darker colours absorb heat which would mean the darker deck boards would get very hot in the sun making them almost unusable in the summertime. 

When choosing the colour of your decking it is important to take note of your surroundings as you will tend to have common themes throughout your home which makes it easier to choose your colour. 

You either choose a colour that matches your current theme, compliments it, or completely contrasts it. If you contrast your decking it's likely to stand out more whereas matching it will help your decking fit in with your home.  

Long Jeffity Decking 

One of the main reasons composite decking has become so popular is because of its cheap maintenance costs and longer life spans than traditional wooden boards. Although composite deck boards are more expensive to buy than traditional wood decking, your purchase will only last you up to 10 years before it needs to be replaced. 

Compared to composite decking, you can expect at least up to 20 years and with it constantly evolving and being improved this number is more than likely to increase. This gives people more of an incentive to buy as it means you don’t have to spend extensive amounts of money on the maintenance of your decking.

Many people have started using composite decking around their hot tubs which shows the strength of composite decking and the sheer pressure and weight it can take. The main reason for its sturdiness is due to the materials it's built out of which gives the decking its hardwearing properties.


All year round 

As the lighter summer nights start to disappear it's important to have a range of different lighting outside making your decking useful all year round. Having Solar and low-voltage lighting offers a simple way to add fashion and function to a deck which helps to increase visibility and safety.

Different levels and colours of lighting can do different things to your decking. Low-level lighting makes a decking setting look a bit more private, placing lights on the side of your deck, the underside of seating or railings or even just a small string of fairy lights can make a huge difference to your outdoor space.

Adding a little heat to your deck with a fire pit or even some deck heaters can have a massive effect on the deck's usability on colder nights. Deck heating doesn't have to be costly, something simple like a firepit is extremely affordable.

They can also be used for other things such as cooking food. Fire pits are very popular amongst a lot of homeowners nowadays as people generally want a more natural environment to be sat in and a firepit does a good job of this.

If you're now feeling inspired, come and see us online or in-store and our team will be delighted to bring your garden to life!

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