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Is Composite Decking a Good Investment?

Composite decking has proven to be immensely popular because it comes in so many different colours and finishes. In addition it is a long lasting, highly dynamic product that can be used in a wide array of different settings. At Hillsborough Fencing we know all about the benefits of the material and offer some of the best varieties in the UK. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in it.


The composites have a fantastic finish that makes them slip-resistant, reducing the risk of falls when the deck is wet. They are splinter-free because the hardwood is mixed with plastic. The fittings also mean nails and screws aren't necessary, ensuring there is no risk of them protruding. Ultimately the deck is safe for everybody, including children running around bare foot.


Composite Decking

Composites require very little in terms of upkeep. The materials have high water resistance and won't suffer from rot or warping. As a result they don't need painting or sealing. All they generally require is a simple clean periodically to get rid of any grime and dirt.


A composite deck can last for thirty years or more, much longer than bare or treated timber would. They resist all forms of weathering, whether it is rain, cold, or blistering heat. High UV, mould, crack, and split resistance all make them excellent, longer lasting materials.


Composite Decking

The great thing about composites is they can be finished so they look like traditional timber, including graining. Alternatively they can have a modern, smooth finish and different colours if you prefer. There are more design opportunities and you can select a composite that you find aesthetically pleasing.


The upfront cost of composites can be higher than timber, but when you consider longevity and lower maintenance costs they are actually generally more cost effective. In fact this kind of deck can prove to be an excellent investment.

If you are considering composite decking take a look at the high quality products we have to offer at Hillsborough Fencing. We are confident you will be impressed, both with the composites and the level of customer service we offer. Place an order and we will do our best to get your materials to you as quickly as possible.

Any questions can be addressed to us directly; we are always happy to offer advice.


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