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Ideas for your Composite Decking

Composite decking is immensely versatile so it is no surprise that it is used for such a wide array of different applications. When property owners want to create a multi-use outdoor space this is a material they can rely on. It will last, requires minimal maintenance, and also offers aesthetic benefits too.

At Hillsborough Fencing we offer a selection of high quality composite decking. There are five different colours with our Clarity range and six in the Forma. We supply to clients all around the UK and have helped them to choose the perfect materials for their own unique projects. Whatever you are planning, we can help you to get the best results.

So, what different ways can you use the decking?

Ground level

Ground Level Composite Decking

The simplest, and therefore most common, option is to have decking at ground level. The material makes a great alternative to patios and is very easy to install. The deck can prove to be a very interesting feature and the space can be used for a wide array of things.


Raised Composite Decking

If you have a sloped or split level garden, or find that the doors leading to your property are raised, you can choose a deck that is also built up. There are plenty of design options to choose from, including traditional steps to a platform or deeper treads that are safer to walk down. Keep in mind that you may need balustrades too.


multi-level composite decking

Designing the decking to have multiple levels can help you to make the most of your garden. You can separate the space into different areas, making it truly multi-use. For example you could have a piece of deck where the garden gets the most sun specifically for sun-bathing, or choose a more shaded area for outdoor dining and BBQ. You can also overcome any issues with elevation changes with ease.

Decking for a hot tub

Hot-tub decking

Composite decking is great if you want a platform to put a hot tub on. The deck is waterproof and slip-resistant, making it much better than traditional timber materials. On top of this it is mould proof and splinter free, making it both longer lasting and safer for walking on with bare feet.

A garden room

Patio Decking

A deck can be the perfect base for a garden room that you can use all year round. Whether you want to create a space for relaxing, an office, a garden bar, or an extra family room, composite decking can provide a strong floor and support structures of various sizes. Just make sure the deck is strong enough.

A pond surround

Pond surround composite decking

If you really want to make your deck come to life you can install a pond. Traditionally paving or hard standing is used to enclose a pond but decking has grown in popularity over the years. It offers many advantages, most notably because the clearance above the ground can create a space for hiding pumps and other pipes. Composites are great for use so close to water and can provide big aesthetic benefits.

Whatever option you go for there are a number of additional things you can do to ensure your decking is eye-catching and will get the most use. For example you can incorporate lighting, install heaters, and even integrate storage and seating into the design.

Composite decking can completely transform your garden and gives you the creativity to decide on the layout and sizing. If you are looking for great materials or would like help with designs, Hillsborough Fencing is happy to assist you. Simply contact us with any of your questions or browse our website to view our products.


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