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Find Your Ideal Composite Decking Colour

Ahh, composite decking… can it ever look bad? Being aesthetically pleasing isn’t the only thing it’s got going for itself, composite decking is the least likely type of decking to get mould or algae growth, the easiest to maintain and there’s pretty much no chance of staining or colour bleaching.

The only problem I have with composite decking is how hard it is to choose the right colour! This is something you’re going to see in your garden for ages, something you’ll be utilising all summer long… It’s a pretty big deal to choose the perfect colour.

That’s where we come in! At Hillsborough we have 3 different types of composite decking, HillDeck, Clarity and Forma, and a total of 13 colours ranging from black to ash. 


Complimentary Colours / Contrasting Colours

First things first, look at the colours around your house. You probably have a common group of colours that show throughout, this is helpful when it comes to choosing your decking colour.

You’ll want to either choose a colour that matches your current theme, compliments it, or completely contrasts it. Remember, though, contrasting doesn’t always have to clash. Think black and white… the perfect timeless contrast.

Contrasting Colours


Think About the Surroundings

Darker colours absorb heat, so you may want to consider this when choosing your colour. If your decking will be in direct sunlight all day long, it’s likely to get very hot. In this instance, you should opt for a lighter board such as our Clarity Graphite, Forma Flint or Forma Birch.

On the other hand, if your decking is close to a lawn, planter or vegetable patch, you should opt for a darker floor. This is a similar rule to flooring in the home – the lighter the colour, the easier it is to see dirt and stains! You should opt for a darker board if this is the case. Check out our Clarity Walnut, Forma Industry or HillDeck Stone Grey.

Think About the Surroundings



Picture this: it’s summer, the sun is beating down on your house, you open the patio doors and extend your home to the great outdoors with the help of your stunning new deck.

What colour did you picture the decking boards? If you’re anything like me, I pictured the boards the same colour as my indoor flooring. When you open the door, it’s like the in and outside are one – and honestly the look is beautiful and seamless.

Bare this in mind when choosing your colour – you’d be surprised how many colours we have to match your current flooring!



Consider the Colour of Your House and Don’t Overlook Undertones

All in all, the colour of your home is the most important thing to match your decking to. Think of the undertones of your home, do you have a red brick home? These tones are very warm, so you want to get a warm toned decking to compliment it. Warm and cool hues don’t work very well together, so make sure you take a good, hard look at your house and determine the undertones before making any final decisions.

For a cool toned house, try our Clarity Ash or Forma Birch deck boards.

For a warm toned house, try our Forma Spiced Oak or Clarity Autumn deck board.


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