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Bring nature indoors this Christmas - or at least fake it!

Xmas Trees

There aren’t many people that don’t enjoy Christmas. The lights, the food, the festivities, and most importantly… the tree! There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by bright, sparkling windows and multi-coloured lights that could land an aeroplane (Santa can’t land his sleigh all by himself!) 

The Christmas tree tradition is one that everyone can enjoy, and here at Hillsborough, we particularly love bringing a stunning, real pine tree into our living rooms for the holiday season – despite the mess it leaves afterwards! The majority of us tend to opt for a fake tree, which now come in a range of colours such as black, white and even pink!

This year, take the plunge and bring a little bit of nature into the home to enhance the festivities. Follow our tips on how to choose the perfect tree and you’ll be laughing and jingling all the way into the New Year!

Know your surroundings…

There is an wealth of tree species to choose from, so be sure to do your research to be certain that the Christmas tree you choose is the right one for you, your family, and your home. For example, you may be more likely to choose a Christmas tree with soft-needle pines or firs with if you have children to avoid sharp needles.

Fresher is better…

The fresher the tree, the better. This means that with the right care, your tree will remain full of life for longer and pines will take longer to fall. To check the freshness of a tree, bend a needle in half with your fingers – fresh firs will snap, whilst fresh pines should bend, but not break.

Ensure needles aren’t flimsy…

When shopping for your tree, gently grab the inside of a branch and tug. The needles should stay on the tree. Another way of checking the security of the needles is to softly tap the cut end of a tree on the ground. If a few needles fall, the tree should be fine to put in your home, but if a lot of needles fall, search for a different tree. 

Freshen the trunk…

After choosing your Christmas tree, cut around half an inch from the bottom of the trunk (or ask someone from the store you bought it from to do this for you). The fresher the cut, the more water the tree will absorb, and the hydration will ensure that your tree holds its needles and keeps its colour for longer. After cutting, immediately put the tree in water so it doesn’t dry out. 

Make measurements…

Ensure you know your dimensions – especially in your own house! Measure your ceiling height and compare it to the height of the Christmas trees you look at when shopping to make sure you don’t spend hours recutting your tree when you bring it home… and remember – looks can be deceiving, so make sure you measure!

Keep it cool…

It’s universal knowledge that any Christmas tree looks best when cosily placed beside the fireplace… but Christmas trees survive way better when kept cool. Strong sources of heat will cause your tree to dry out faster, causing the pines to fall quickly and the colour to fade or change.

Don’t dehydrate…

Again, if your Christmas tree becomes dehydrated, it’s firs or pines will be prone to fall off a lot quicker and the colour will fade or change. To optimise the hydration and the longevity of your Christmas tree, keep water in your tree stand filled at all times. In the first few days, you may have to add water two to three times a day as your tree continues to absorb water.

If this all sounds like too much effort – you can always fake it! But we love the beauty of natural Christmas trees in the home and believe it is well worth the effort to keep them fresh and thriving for the entire the holidays!

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