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Christmas Gifts - for the Gardener in your life

As the nights become darker and the weather becomes colder, it’s time to face up to the exciting realisation that Christmas is just around the corner. As much as we’ve tried to put it off, the most wonderful time of the year has once again, managed to creep up on us and take us by complete surprise. Whilst the arctic conditions and pitch black nights are just a couple of the problems faced during the winter months, it’s also time to start worrying about gift-giving… the worst problem of all!

Christmas Gifts

It’s inevitable that when you ask the anticipated question of, ‘what would you like for Christmas?’, you’ll be met with a lacklustre and unhelpful response of ‘anything,’ or even worse, ‘nothing.’ Here at Hillsborough, we don’t know much – but we do know about gardening, and if there’s a gardener in your life this Christmas, we’ve got a foolproof gift guide to get you in the good books!

Plant and vegetable seeds

If you’re looking for some stocking fillers with a difference, buy a variation of seeds for the avid gardener in your life to sow and watch grow. The weather may not be suitable for a little while – but it’s always good to have something to look forward to!

Garden tools

Gardening Tools

Trowls, wire baskets, saws, and even marigolds all make great, convenient and useful gifts at Christmas. Whilst they may not be the most exciting gifts, you know they’ll get used eventually.

Personalised gifts

It’s not Christmas unless you give at least one personalised gifts. Whether it’s a customised kitchen apron, or a frame with a photo – the receiver always appreciates these gifts, even if it’s just for the thought. For a bespoke gift for any avid gardener, personally select a ready-to-plant flowerbed made up of their favourite colours, invest in a sign to say that it’s their garden, or even get their initials embroidered on some overalls. Whatever the gift, personalisation will show that you’ve put some thought into what the person likes.


Gardening Subscriptions

Now this one may seem like a cop-out, but it’s completely worth it! Gardening is a versatile hobby, and there are so many different aspects of it that are constantly changing – which is why a subscription to a monthly, or even quarterly, magazine would be a great present for anyone invested in the upkeep of their garden, including staying on trend and in sync with what’s popular.

If you want to provide a great choice for the gardener in your life, take a look at our website, and take a look at our range of decking, fencing, and outdoor materials that are designed to bring any garden up to date with minimal effort.

Happy (winter) Gardening!

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