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Caring For Your Sleepers Indoor And Outdoor

They are great materials and, as long as you treat them properly, they can provide years of service.

If you want to protect sleepers and ensure they last you need to be prepared to do some maintenance. Naturally the ones you place outside in the garden will need the most in terms of upkeep because they are exposed to the elements.

To determine the level of maintenance you need to do it is important to start by considering two important things; were the sleepers treated to begin with and are they made from soft or hardwood?


Untreated softwood sleepers need the most care. Use a good wood preserver and give them additional coatings over time. Hardwood is stronger and more durable so should need preserving less frequently. Treated ones are the most reliable but you need to make sure the preservation technique was safe. They may need an additional treatment in the future too.

The most important thing with outdoor railway sleepers is to keep them as dry as possible. If you let them remain damp it will encourage rotting and the development of fungi; both of these aren't good for the longevity of the material. Clean up dirt, slime, and other unwanted imperfections promptly to minimise damage too.


Indoor sleepers have an easier time because they are exposed to less moisture. This doesn't mean they are maintenance free; the wear will just be slower and depend on usage. Again you will likely need to give them a protective coating rather than leaving the wood bare. This will enhance the aesthetics though and can make the timbers safer too, ensuring they aren't left rough.

The thing to keep in mind is that sleepers used indoors will get dusty and can be exposed to all kinds of spills. Clean regularly to get rid of the dust and make sure you tackle and spillages as soon as possible. This will preserve the coating for longer.


M-Track railway sleepers from Hillsborough Fencing are very high quality and can be used for a huge number of different applications. We can help you to decide on the uses and also offer tips to help preserve and protect them; that way you get more out of your investment. If you have any questions for us, please get in touch

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