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Best timber uses for your garden

If you have decided to some DIY, timber is one of the best materials to create features in your garden. From decking to benches and furniture, these are the best uses for timber in your garden.



When creating decking for your garden, there are many ways you can be creative. 

Especially if you are going to be gathering on your decking, one idea which you need to take into consideration is adding lighting to your timber decking area. 

If you want to use the area later in the evenings, then adding some lights is a must, and it creates the perfect ambience partnered with the timber flooring - which is a bonus!

Timber Decking


Are you wanting to create planters for your garden? Using timber is the best solution for this, as it creates the perfect look for your garden. 

Wooden planters are a great way to add a feature to your outside space, adding to the feel and design of your outdoor space. With an array of variations such as trellis planters, they are great for making a statement on your patio and balcony.



When it comes to garden furniture, there are some things that money just can't buy - and one of them is outdoor benches and furniture, handmade by you. The best option, especially for the environment,  is to use durable timber, not only is it environmentally-friendly, but it saves a huge amount of time as well.

As well as creating furniture for your garden to have the perfect place to rest, this could also improve your DIY skills and help you gain an additional hobby. 

Wooden Furniture


Being able to create decking for your pool, will enable you to create different layers at different stages, especially if you have a larger garden.

It’s also great for quiet corners which are placed around your garden as well as on rooftops where different activities may take place! Its credentials also make timber decking a superb companion to pools or spas which are related to relaxation which could be possibly placed in or around your garden.


Steps / Walkways

If you have a larger garden, timber decking is a particularly good product and useful for creating steps and walkways which provide an easy and effective transition between the different levels of your garden, if necessary. 

As well as separate walkways, in your garden, you can also create ponds and water features to have your pathways above to make your garden, aesthetically pleasing. 

Wooden Bridge

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