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The best movie gardens for outdoor inspiration!

Our favourite films often either fill us with inspiration, or leave us envious of the grandeur and beauty of the set design – especially when it comes to outdoor spaces. Although we know that the budget for these films is way more than we spend on our own gardens, we can’t help but dream of a day when we can freely design our perfect garden – no budget (or British weather) attached…

We’ve chosen just a few of our favourite on-screen gardens that had our hearts racing when we first saw them…

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)


Willy Wonka

Of course an edible garden would be on our list. Any garden with a chocolate river running through the centre is more than worthy of a mention. Plants that sprout gummy bears, chocolate teacups and toadstools decorated with whipped cream are just some of the mouth-watering features of the on-screen garden that defined many childhood dreams.

The beauty of the garden was equally as enticing, though. Vibrant colours, a variety of different flowers, and stunning stonewalls all create a paradisiacal garden that could only ever be attainable in a fantasy world.

Add some colour and natural beauty into your garden with a vegetable patch, or a variety of flowerbeds. The veggies will taste great and the flowerbed will certainly look amazing!

Just like Heaven (2004)


Just Like Heaven

Befitting to the name of the film it appears in, the San Francisco rooftop garden really is just like heaven – or what we imagine heaven could look like. The creative decking leading into the centre of the rooftop is accompanied by the use of stones to create visually enticing patterns in the ground, and several arrangements of tropical plants and flowers.

Our favourite features by a long shot are the wonderfully simplistic, yet beautiful archways that are adorned with delicate plants and flowers. To us, it looks like the perfect place to relax after a hard day at work… or at anytime really…

Try your hand at some impressive decking with our range of railway sleepers and decking materials, both designed to last through the heat of the summer, and the frosty winter months.

Game of Thrones, King’s Landing


Game of Thrones

Everyone’s favourite fantasy world is also every keen gardener’s haven! The land of Westeros is an aesthetic treat for those who love gardening, architecture and nature itself. Ancient stonewalls and monuments, a range of tropical and native British plants, and every bit of land being a fortress of natural perfection is what King’s Landing has going for it.

In fact, it is quite literally the kind of garden you’d expect the Queen to appreciate if she lived in the 15th century… or even now.

If you’re a fan of traditional and historical garden design, why not try surrounding your own castle with some of our beautiful, sturdy and bespoke fencing panels

Harry Potter (2001-2011)


Harry Potter

Everyone’s favourite wizarding world also boasts one of the most visually impressive and enticing outdoor grounds in film history. The size of the area used itself is grand with the stunning architecture, abundance of green hills that seems to stretch on for miles, and the occasionally quirky garden – such as Hagrid’s messy, but endearing, vegetable patch. All these factors only add to the miles and miles of divine landscape that surrounds Hogwarts.

So, what are you waiting for? The inspiration to reach the standards of some of our favourite on-screen gardens is here, so you can create a garden to be proud of!

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Happy Gardening!




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