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How to choose the best fence for my garden?

When choosing a fence, there are a lot of factors which you need to consider from the styles you like to the spaces in your front and rear garden.


If you are looking for a fence to provide the most security and privacy, especially in your rear garden, selecting fencing with no spacing between the boards like close board or lapped fencing which will provide you with the most privacy.

When choosing the best fencing for security, making sure you choose fencing which is over 8 feet as it is important and is the best option for securing your property. Making sure your fencing is also strong and robust is important as burglars will take any opportunity to steal your belongings if your fencing is low, weak or destroyed. 

As well as choosing the correct fencing to protect your house and garden, making sure you don’t have trees, bins or any household items near your fencing is important to prevent giving aids to people trying to break into your home

Crossover Fencing

The View

Outside your home, there might not be the best view which could also become an eyesore so using taller fencing could solve this problem. If the eye-sore is smaller and could be easily covered up, you could use taller stepped fencing which also adds a better view and design to your garden.

Taller - Stepped Fencing

If covering up eyesores isn’t your problem but you want to create the best view for yourself using fencing, you can create designs and styles around your garden depending on the ideas you create. 

If you don’t like to have brick walls or hedges around your home, you can use your fences as a focal point and integrate them into the entrances and exits of your home. You can also choose composite fencing which adds additional strength for exposed or wind-affected areas on top of being the best style for your garden - which is another bonus!

Composite Fencing


Depending on the materials which you choose for your fencing, the maintenance will vary. If you are a busy person, using composite fencing will help as they need minimal repairs as well as providing security, privacy and extra design to your home. 

In addition to security, composite fencing is a strong material so it is resistant to certain degrees of weather. Including the treatment costs and time to maintain your fencing, it can often be more economical to invest in composite fencing.

If you have different styled wooden fencing, the rotting in the wood can be minimised. As well if you stain your fencing, which takes a minimal amount of time, it can also prevent your timber or wooden fencing from splitting as well as adding further styles to your garden!

Wood Split

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