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Wood vs Composite: What is the best decking material?

When choosing the material for your garden, between wood and composite decking, which are the better decking materials for your garden?

Benefits of wood

Depending on your personal preference, an advantage of the wooden deck boards is the natural look. Because of its natural look, you won’t have to worry about spending hours on your garden as the wood will do the job for you.

When it comes to maintenance, there is an insignificant amount which is required. When you choose wood, you can be sure that it won’t require a lot of cleaning effort. All you have to do is polish the frame a few times years just to keep the wood looking fresh and vibrant.

Wooden Decking Materials

Negatives of Wood

When your wooden deck has been placed, if the maintenance which is required, hasn’t been completed, this results in the unmaintained wood splitting, cracking and changing colour.

With the costs of the materials, it can fluctuate depending on the region of which you live and if you get different varieties of wood like hardwood such as ipé, it can be expensive.

Wooden Decking

Benefits of Composite

One of the benefits of composite decking is that it is easy to install and stress-free. With the fittings of composite, it can be placed easily, unlike timber which often requires screws that all throughout. 

A safety feature of composite decking is that it doesn’t splinter, due to how the boards are made, this makes the boards both very tough and it will never create piercing shards, which makes this great for families with young children.

Composite Decking Colours

Negatives of Composite

When it comes to the disadvantages for composite decking, the price is high on that list. Composite decking cost between 50% to 100% more than standard lumber. Depending on your location, this price can also vary.

One of the drawbacks of composite decking is that is it can fade continuously over time, due to an array of situations such as UV rays from the sun, weathering, and high foot traffic with larger quantities of people walking over the decking.

Negatives of Composite Decking


To conclude, there are pros and cons for, both, composite and wooden decking. If you are looking for decking which is more durable and longer-lasting but might be a bit more expensive, then composite is your best choice. 

Whereas if you are looking for a cheaper option, with a decking which has a natural look but has a bit more maintenance, then wooden decking would be the perfect choice for you!


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