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Autumn Gardening Jobs To Focus On

At Hillsborough Fencing we know all about the autumn gardening jobs you will need to devote time to. Here is our list of the most important ones. 



When the leaves start to fall from trees, bushes and shrubs you'll be able to get a better look at the shape of branches. Take the time to see which are weak and need to be removed before they fall. Remember to cut in the right place and don't leave the tree vulnerable to disease. Prune other branches back that need it too, particularly on hedges. This will stop them holding moisture and decaying.



Autumn is an excellent month to transplant new flowers to your garden. The ground should still be warm at the start of the season and the higher moisture from the more frequent rain will help them to root. Your work here will give your garden an extra bit of colour before the winter arrives. 



Some bulbs should be planted in autumn so they can germinate in spring when the warm weather returns. Again they will appreciate the moist soil and should look great after the long winter. Remember to plant bulbs deep enough so that they won't freeze, generally two to three times their height in depth. 

Lawn Care


Lawns have a very hard time over the winter due to the higher moisture, lower temperatures, and weaker sunlight. With the right care they can get through the period though. In autumn you need to clear away leaves quickly rather than letting them accumulate on the ground. This can lead to brown spots. Leave it late to mow your lawn for the last time and make sure you cut it a little longer than usual; this will protect against frost.

Remove Summer Bulbs 


The colder weather will quickly cause plants and flowers that enjoy the warmer weather to die off. Be proactive and remove the bulbs early, saving them in an airy box that you can place in a safe, warmer location. This way you can replant them next year. 

Clean-up Pots


If you leave pots laying around over the winter you may return to them in spring to find they are damaged. Clear them away in autumn, keeping them sheltered where they won't gather water or dirt. 

Look after Water Sources


The low temperatures in winter can cause water systems to freeze, resulting in expensive and disruptive leaks if you are not careful. In autumn you should switch off connections, dismantle any pumps in ponds, and wraps outdoor pipes and taps in foam so they are properly insulated. 

Protect all Timber 


Whether it is fencing, decking, borders, or even furniture and play sets, you may need to prepare the timbers for the colder, wetter weather to come. Get this out of the way in autumn before the weather gets too wet if it needs doing. Generally you won't need to do this every year though. Protect your decking for the Winter with our Decking End Grain Preserver. It protects from rot and fungi.  

Repair Sheds and Greenhouses


With wetter weather to come you need to make sure these outbuildings are watertight. Inspect them to look for damages and leaks. Do any repairs and make sure the structures are strong and stable. Check out our range of Sheds, Greenhouses and Garden Furniture

There are many other autumn gardening jobs to think about, especially if you want to plan ahead for next year. Make a list like the one above and work down it, ensuring you have enough time to get everything done. This will leave you with a garden that is more likely to withstand the winter. 

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