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Make your Garden Animal Friendly this Autumn

Autumn is an excellent season to look for wildlife in your garden. This is the period when many species are foraging for supplies to help them get through the winter. Other animals will be looking for places to nest where they will be sheltered from the cold and harsh weather. With so much activity it may be wise to do your part to make sure that your garden is friendly for the animals. With quality products from Hillsborough Fencing such as gates, furnishings, and accessories, you can do just that.


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Ponds see a lot of activity in the autumn, particularly from frogs. Males tend to spend winter in the mud at the bottom of the pond, breathing through their skin. To make it safe for them you need to clean out any plant matter that could decay and become poisonous. Float some sort of ball on the surface too so that it doesn't freeze over completely and trap them - ping pong balls work best.

Invertebrates and small mammals will be looking for safe places to nest in the garden. To help them you can place bundles of twigs where they can make use of them. The best places are behind borders and near trees and bushes.

Herbaceous borders may decay over the winter but that doesn't mean they are not providing benefits. In fact the plant matter can be useful to many animals; they will use it to nest and stay warm. Hollow plant stems are great hiding places and seed-heads can be rich in oils that birds will love.

Plant Pots

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Stacking your plant pots can help to prevent them from being damaged and also creates some shelter for a variety of insects. Don't be surprised to see some bees hiding in them.

Leaves may cause a lot of problems on your lawn, decking and hard surfaces like paths but they are useful to small animals. When you clear them away try stacking them in a sheltered corner. Hedgehogs in particular will love it.

Activity at your nesting boxes may pick up throughout autumn. Birds need good shelter in the winter and can expend a lot of energy simply staying warm. Take the time to clear the boxes out so they are clean and a good place for birds to stay.

Your compost heap will be very attractive to lots of wildlife, especially if it is in a plastic bin. To encourage and protect them, make sure animals can enter and exit easily from the bottom by placing the bin on bricks so it is off the ground. Keep the compost heap covered so it stays dry, using the lid or a piece of carpeting.

Sheds and other outbuildings are very attractive to wildlife in autumn and winter. They are dry, warm, and offer great protection against predators. You should be careful when coming and going to make sure you don't disturb bats, butterflies, and even lady birds. Make sure they can all exit safely when the weather gets warm again.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that wildlife wants to be sheltered and undisturbed, especially if they are hibernating for the winter. Make sure you provide places where they will be safe and keep the areas protected from children and pets.

Hillsborough Fencing is passionate about helping people make sure their gardens are safe for animals, particularly in autumn and winter. We have excellent products on offer, from fencing to outbuildings, gates to accessories, and can provide useful tips and advice too. If you would like to explore our products you can do so on our website. Alternatively you can contact us with any questions or requirements.


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