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Alternative Uses for Your Garden Over the Holidays

If you’ve been following our previous winter gardening tips, your winter garden should be going strong regardless of the chilly weather. However, as much as we want to manage our gardens to help them remain as pretty and strong as possible for when we start our spring preparations… we don’t usually get much use out of them when the weather is so cold!


It’d be a shame for all of our hard work to go to waste just because of a weather issue. After all, winter comes around every year, so seasoned gardeners are more than used to this time of year…


We’ve come up with a few alternative uses for your winter garden to ensure that you continue to get the most out of the gardening efforts that are prevalent – even in the winter months.


Deck the Halls

winter decking


Here at Hillsborough, we specialise in fencing and decking materials, so naturally, we’re all for a great area of decking in a back garden – especially one that can be utilised all year round. Transform part of your garden into a cosy winter sanctuary with sheltered decking and a central fireplace for a place to enjoy your mulled wine and mince pies this Christmas.


Christmas Day Treasure Hunt


Probably a better idea for those with kids, a Christmas Day treasure hunt is the perfect way to utilise your winter garden – especially if it snows! Hide some festive treats around the garden for a unique Christmas Day activity for the entire family to enjoy…


Hail Hibernation



Make your garden attractive to the cute critters that aim to hibernate over the winter months. That way, even if you’re not getting a lot of us from your garden, you can relax in the knowledge that somebody else is… birdhouses, leaf piles and tree cavities are just a few of the spaces you can create to appeal to animals ready to store themselves away for the winter months.


Stay green-fingered and keep going with your garden to ensure that you’ll get the best out of it during the winter months. Whether or not you do end up spending time outdoors – staying on top of your garden in the months leading up to the season of frost will ensure that you have the choice!


Check out our other tips for Winter Gardening on our blog page, and browse our site for the best winter supplies to keep your garden ready for anything!


Happy Gardening!

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