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Alternative Uses for Your Greenhouse

We normally associate greenhouses with growing plants, but are there any other alternative uses? There are many different shapes and sizes which greenhouses are available in and each greenhouse has its own unique alternative use.

Greenhouses shouldn’t be hidden away at the bottom of the garden, they can be used with a multitude of objectives from drying your clothes to sunbathing.

Drying your clothes

If you dry your clothes in your greenhouse, it can be a helpful and effective alternative as a ventilated space. If your greenhouse has additional ventilation options, it is better as it improves the effectiveness of drying your clothes.

Using greenhouses for drying your clothes is also a cheaper alternative to tumble dryers, as you don’t have to spend money on electricity. When using a greenhouse, it will be more efficient than using alternative methods like using a dryer or on a washing line.

Washing in greenhouse

Sunbathing and Relaxing

In any weather, regardless of rain or shine, you can sunbathe in your greenhouse. This method is effective and reduces the health risks of sunbathing naturally as the sun emits UV radiation. Even if the weather isn’t the best, your greenhouse will be warm enough to relax in.

Once your greenhouse is ventilated it becomes the number one place for sunbathing and relaxing. If you are going to sunbathe and relax in your greenhouse, make sure you stay hydrated. Even if the weather does suddenly change and it starts to rain, your greenhouse will save you. Don’t skip the SPF too…! 


People sit in greenhousePeople sit in greenhouse #2

Office or Guest House

If you have a larger greenhouse, you could turn it into an office or workspace. Whilst keeping your greenhouse ventilated constantly, your greenhouse is a weather-resistant place out of the house. In larger greenhouses, you could also put storage in, to clear other places whilst also adding the essential office materials.

You could also use your greenhouse as a guest house. If you have unexpected guests, you could easily convert your greenhouse into a liveable guest home. As a greenhouse gets warmer, it also sustains the warmth which helps people stay warm for longer. As an extension to your home, your greenhouse is a relaxing place to be.

 Outdoors Greenhouse

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