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August Garden Touch Ups

During this long hot summer, with no signs of the sun leaving us any time soon, you may need to spruce things up in your garden. We have just entered August, the month notorious for hot weather and garden parties, so you need to make sure your garden is on top form for any events you have planned – whether it be a family day or a full-blown garden party.

Assess the Situation

I hate to state the obvious, but before you can fix anything, you need to see what actually needs fixing. Take a step back and really assess the damage, then you can choose what is a priority. Create a list and work through that. We recommend the bigger jobs first.

Think about where your guests are going to gather. This is where you’re going to want to focus your best efforts. Look for obvious flaws such as weeds or kicked up grass for example.

Clean Up the Problems

Now that you’ve pinpointed the main issues in your garden, you need to ensure these spaces are clean in preparation for the enhancements to come. Some ideas for your ‘touch-up-to-do-list’:

-        Remove intruders. Pull out the obvious weeds in your paths and, if you have gravel path, pass a lawn rake across the gravel to even out any lumps and bumps after your weed elimination. For typical paths, pass a power wash over.

-        Making room for the living. Take out dead branches, plants and roots. This tip goes a long way when making your garden look fresh.

-        Attend to the lawn. Mow, trim and edge. Crisp edges show a big difference between a garden that looks neat and one that looks uncared for.

-        Outdoor housekeeping. Sweeping or power washing your decking or patio will instantly lift the appearance of your garden. If you have any cracked patio stones and have no time to fix it, cover the crack with a plant pot or outdoor rug – a temporary fix but it will do the job for your party! But, if you have time – fix it.

Hillsborough Garden Touch Ups

Enhance What You Have

Once the obvious spots have been tidied up, it’s time to fix up the not-so-obvious spots that may be picked up on by guests. Think about what you would look at in someone’s garden – because that’s probably what others are going to be looking at in yours.

Make a good first impression! Tidy any weeds/moss around your gate to set the tone for your guests as they enter your home, this doesn’t have to be intricate but a tidy entrance is always welcoming! Add plants where there is sparseness, buying big plants is a quick and easy way to conquer sparse areas.

And last but certainly not least – add some fresh mulch. Mulch is a way to ensure you create a finished look. Not only does it create a finished look, and it even has a clean and fresh smell as well! For the cleanest appearance possible, buy the finest quality mulch you can find. Although it’s more expensive than buying in bulk, bagged mulch is a lot easier to spread and doesn’t involve a lot of elbow grease!

Hillsborough Garden Touch Ups

Finally, enjoy your hard work – sit back and relax.

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