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2021 Garden Decking Trends

Decking Lighting

As we are making it through 2021, whether its lighting or making your decking eco friendly, with new decking trends, these are the ways to enhance your decking. Find out the trends for your garden decking in 2021 and beyond

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The Most Asked Garden Fencing Questions: Answered


For a multitude of purposes, whether it is privacy, security or the general aesthetic of your garden, installing garden fencing can be extremely useful.

For all your fencing needs, here are some frequently asked questions with answers.

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Top 5 Benefits of a Garden Fence

Omega Lattice Top

As well as adding many benefits to your outdoor space, fencing is usually installed with a purpose in mind but actually have many uses and benefits.

Read on to find out the top five benefits of your garden fencing

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How to Enhance Your Garden With Trellis Panels


Whether it is for extra decoration or privacy, the garden trellis is a great piece of versatile fencing to be used in your garden.

Read more to find out how you can enhance your garden with trellis.

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When Should You Install New Fencing?

Leaning Fencing

Whether it's the seasonal and different weather throughout the year or faults with your fencing, it might be time to install or renew your fencing. But, when should you install new fencing? Read on to find out. 

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Top 4 Garden Landscaping Ideas

Double Sided Panels

Whether you’re redesigning or adding extras to your garden through landscaping, it can be an exciting change to your home. Maybe you’re wanting to add that additional bit of privacy to your garden?

So, where do you start? Find out and see 4 garden landscaping ideas that are perfect to be included in your garden.

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What Is The Best Fence Post For Your Garden?

Wooden fence posts with surrounding plants

When choosing types of garden fence posts, the main two of which people choose from are concrete and wooden posts. For both of the fencing posts, they both have positives and negative, these are a few of them. Find out which type of fencing post is perfect for you. 

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Why Decking Would Be Perfect For Your Garden

Garden Decking with outdoor seating area

There are lots of ways to enhance the appearance of your garden, no matter how much space you have. One of the ways to increase the features in your garden is with decking. Find out how to use decking for your garden.

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Why You Should Replace Hedge With Fencing?


When viewing your home from the outside, your front garden fence plays an important role in the first impression of your house and garden. In your front garden, your fence is not something to be overlooked. Find out why you should replace your hedge with fencing.

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5 Ideas For Using Sleepers In The Garden

Sleepers in Garden

For your garden, there are so many great ways to use them to improve your garden’s aesthetics. With the benefits of sleepers, read to find out 5 ideas for using sleepers.

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