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6 Must have fencing Accessories

Fencing accessories are an essential part of purchasing a new fence, There are many accessories you can add to your fence that will make your fence look a lot better, and last longer, with support from some fencing accessories.  

You can combine all 6 of these accessories mentioned in this blog to create the ultimate design for your garden fence. Keep reading to find out more about each of the 6 Accessories. 

Gravel boards 

When it comes to changing your fence one accessory that people always miss out on is the gravel boards. Do we also get lots of questions Like what are gravel boards? Are gravel boards essential, and which materials are best. 

They are made to go underneath your fence panels and sit on top of the ground keeping your fence panel off the floor. This protects it from damage from cutting the grass and mainly keeping it off the wet soil which would damage your fence. 

Gravel boards Gravel boards composite

Gravel boards are either wooden, concrete, or composite board that is around 140-150mm in height. They each have their own positives and negatives but it's important you choose the right one for your garden. 

However, similar to your fence posts, timber and concrete do have shorter lifespans and are more prone to damage. This is why Composite offers the perfect solution to the gravel board options.

When you install gravel boards they will increase the durability of your fence. So, although they come at an extra cost, they’ll save you money in the long run. They keep your fence looking sharper and tidier.  

Fence Toppers 

Fencing by name, fencing by nature. We pride ourselves on our unique collection of fencing panels, which are all either pressure or dip treated. No fence is complete without toppers. Fence toppers have many purposes, from increasing security, extending the height, adding privacy and improving the look of your fence.

Fence toppers from HFCFence toppers from HFC close up

With fence toppers having such a wide range of purposes it makes them perfect for any garden. The extra 1 or 2 feet they add to your fence can make a big difference to the look and feel of your garden. Fence toppers are also great for: 

Pet Security: Your dogs and cats are very capable jumpers and climbers and could easily leap fog your 5/6ft fence. This is why a topper is so important. Extending the fence by a 1or 2ft is hopefully enough to keep your pets in your garden and not running around your neighbours. 

Increased shade and wind protection.  If your garden is exposed to high amounts of sun or even wind Adding a fence topper to your fence can block the sun and reduce the wind strength allowing you to extend your time in the garden.

Aesthetics. Fence toppers come in various designs and materials. This allows you to create a contrast by adding a fence topper which is in a different style to your fence. Adding a fence top helps give your garden a unique look.

Post caps & capping rails

Many fence design decisions are made to include fence post caps and capping rails. They are great at helping you achieve your desired look. 

We highly recommended you buy post caps as they offer extra protection from different weather conditions and debris. Without post caps and capping rails, moisture will sit on top of your fence.

Post caps DuraPost 1 Post caps 2

Post caps aren’t essential for every fence project, but they’re certainly highly recommended, they increase your fence and posts' lifetime and also make your fence look clean. 

One option when it comes to posting caps in DuraPost Post Cap is made from galvanised steel. The perfect option for your fence and also comes in matching colours to our DuraPost system 

Fence posts 

When you install new fence panels it’s important they are supported by strong durable posts. There are many positives and negatives to be taken into account before making a purchase. So you need to consider the practicality, costs, aesthetics and sustainability of your fence posts.

There are 3 main types of fence posts, Concrete, Wooden and DuraPost. As mentioned before all 3 have positives and negatives but, ultimately it is up to you which you prefer. However, our recommendation is DuraPost. 

Fence posts from Birkdale

You may not be aware that timber and concrete posts are Prone to rotting and cracking over time. Whereas DuraPost is a complete galvanised steel fence post system available in a range of sizes and colours. It withstands wind speeds of up to 110mph, is relatively maintenance-free and has a guarantee to last 25 years.

The DuraPost system is great as you can use it with any type of fencing and also add capping rails gravel board and all other accessories to it. They also come in the same 4 colours that our DuraPost system comes in making them perfect for your garden. 

Garden Gates 

Garden gates are essential in garden design so you to consider where you want to install your gate and what purpose it has. However, there are numerous reasons why all 3 points are crucial to think about before having a gate installed.

There are 2 main styles of the gate, one is your more traditional garden gate which can be utilised to access your garden from outside your home. The other style of gate is the more modern driveway gate which has evolved vastly over the last 10 years becoming automated with many different styles now available. 

Garden gate for your home Garden gate for your home 2

Garden gates are great as they add security and privacy to your garden. But We recommend installing a hasp and staple lock to your gate as they fit almost all gates and when secured with a padlock are one of the best locks on the market this will make sure your gate is secured at all times. Gates are a great way to access your garden so we need to make sure we keep unwanted visitors out.

Treatments for your fence 

If you are wanting to install a wooden fence in your garden, as a general rule, the better you look after your fence, the longer it will last. It is important that all of your fence panels are protected from the elements by making sure they are treated well.

This includes Re-treating the wood every couple of years to really help prevent long-lasting damage to your fence, and it also creates a fantastic level of protection against the elements. The effects of weathering can be prevented and reversed by applying an appropriate timber treatment to your fencing. 

Fence preservers

There is a wide range of alternative timber treatments to choose from that are great to use with pressure-treated wood. Not only will these restore the appearance of your fence, but they will also help to extend its lifetime. Wood preservatives don’t just sit on the surface of the fence like paint, instead, they are absorbed into the wood and so replace any of the original preservatives that might have leached away.

Most wood preservatives need just a single coat to colour and protect the wood. Many of them include waxes and specialist resins to further protect against water damage. There is also a large range of colours for you to choose from. While some wood preservatives need to be used on an annual basis, others will last up to three years. Giving you the option to change colour whenever you feel is necessary. 

For more information on any products mentioned in this blog please contact us today. However, if you already know what you're looking for, order all your supplies online today.

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