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2021 Garden Trends

As the world continues to change, the new designs, styles and ideas for our outdoor spaces also change and we’re able to turn them into a stylish extension to be able to complement your home as a whole. 

These are the top 2021 trends for your garden for improvements, ideas and experiments to be able to redesign your garden throughout the year.


Balcony Gardens

For 2021, we'll see more people turning their balconies into urban outdoor areas with comfy furnishings, glorious plants, and extra accessories. As we’ve been inside for a proportion of 2020, having a balcony garden will help bring some of the outdoors onto your balcony.

Garden Balconies

With smarter ways to include and embrace nature into your home, especially if you don’t have a garden, you have plenty of choices to make your functional space really come alive. Whether you opt to make the most of any wood on your balcony, go for minimalist design, or choose to go all out wildlife oasis.

Taking Your Inside Outside

The garden trend of taking your inside outdoors is all about creating a flow from your inside space to your outdoor space, so one naturally flows into the other. This also includes the ability to take some of the comfortability of your home into your garden, especially in summer when it's warmer outdoors. 

When picking the decorations and accessories for your outdoor space, choosing plants that work both indoors and out will create the perfect transition between the living and outside space.

Taking The Indoors Outdoors

As well as the decorations, you can add plants and flowers into the outdoors to be able to ensure that the comfortability is enhanced as it would be in the indoors. 

If you want to section each area, so you can transition the indoors to the outdoors and flowing into your garden spaces, you can use a multitude of gates to be able to have different areas for in and outdoors.


Raised Garden Beds

With the many uses of a garden bed, you can plant flowers, foods and add decorative pieces within your garden bed. With this garden trend, raising these garden beds are decoratively appealing as well as being easily built with different types of timber to be placed around your garden.

Sleepers for Raised Garden Beds

With garden beds, you are able to do some DIY with the creation of the garden beds as well as sectioning each garden bed around your garden with different foods, plants and flowers for a more decorative piece to make the outdoors look more appealing.

Multiple Garden Beds

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