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Top 5 Fencing Trends for 2021

As 2020 has winded down, we’re looking at what’s on the rise for fencing in 2021. Some trends are new, some are emerging, but we anticipate a rise in the following trends for them as we head into the new year.

Read on to find out to incorporate these fencing trends into your garden in 2021:

Privacy Solutions

As home sizes continue to increase and lot sizes continue to decrease, homeowners are looking for a way to create a buffer and more privacy between themselves and their neighbours and even strangers passing by on the street. 

Some opt for a full traditional fence or lattice structures whereas others are using fence panels and other products as privacy screens throughout their gardens. For your fencing, you can use Euro Privacy Lattice, with the smaller light spaces which provide the perfect mixture of privacy and natural lighting.

Euro Privacy Panels for Garden


Darker Coloured Fencing

Darker fence colours such as navy blue, dark grey, dark green, and black are continuing to grow in popularity with the mixture of darker colours seeping in. With darker colours, this allows other design elements, furniture, and landscape to pop when mixing with a range of colours.

Rather than overwhelm the landscape, they blend into the background and offer an elegant appearance. These dark colours also have a practical benefit – the fence doesn’t need to be cleaned as often. They can also achieve a darker look by painting their existing wood fence and partnering this with Ronseal Fence Life to ensure the longevity of your fencing.

Garden Fencing

Incorporating Lighting

When adding fencing around your garden, incorporating lighting can increase the design features as well as functionality to increased viewing, especially in the darker times of the year.

As well as using slatted fencing to bring in natural lighting, you add extra lighting throughout your garden and onto your fencing.

As homeowners desire to spend more time outside in their gardens, the need for lighting continues to grow. Low voltage lighting has become common in the garden, and we expect to see it expand throughout 2021. 

Multiple Styles

Art Deco Style

The Art Deco style is gaining popularity throughout 2021 and into the future. We are starting to see this reflected in outdoor fence styles through a custom metal fence. 

As well, the gate designs with geometric shapes and smooth lines are increasing in popularity and currently increasing as a trend. We anticipate seeing more of this fence design as interior style flows to the outdoors.

Modern, Functional Fencing

A fence is no longer just a fence. It’s a piece to show off, a backdrop and an integral part of your outdoor living and your garden as a whole, making is a crucial trend for the future.

Fences in 2021 and beyond will incorporate lighting, plants, unique accents, and other features that integrate your fencing seamlessly with the home’s aesthetic. We will continue to see an increase in horizontal and metal fencing as the desire for these ultra-modern fence styles grows and becomes an integrated piece in your garden.

V Shaped Fencing Panels for Garden



When adding fencing to your garden, security will also be a prevalent trend for your home as a whole. Whether it is other people to animals, you can use your fencing to keep out any unwanted guests from entering your premises.

When adding fencing to your garden, the function might be to separate one garden from another, providing a handy boundary that we all respect, as well it can help keep out animals which can ruin your garden in a multitude of ways. 

For separation in your garden, you can use Traditional Trellis, to keep the natural lighting through anywhere in the garden to separate areas and add a rustic wooden vibe to your outdoor space. 

Traditional Trellis

As well as animals ruining your garden, your fencing can help prevent any burglars and unwanted people from entering your garden and entering your home.

To prevent other people from entering your garden, you can also use Deterrent Spikes, which is a triple row of pointed cones which is moulded with excellent UV weathering resistance which helps with the longevity of the spikes for extra security to your home.

Deterrent Security Spikes for Gardens

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