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The Benefits of Having Railway Sleepers in your Garden


For nearly three decades, our company has been producing and selling high performance garden and fending merchandise. Perhaps some of the most popular products in our collection however are the M-Track railway sleepers.

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Ideas for your Composite Decking

Composite decking is immensely versatile so it is no surprise that it is used for such a wide array of different applications. When property owners want to create a multi-use outdoor space this is a material they can rely on. 

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Is Composite Decking a Good Investment?

Composite Decking

Composite decking has proven to be immensely popular because it comes in so many different colours and finishes. In addition it is a long lasting, highly dynamic product that can be used in a wide array of different settings.

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Some Wonderful Ideas for Activities to get Kids Outside

Kids Garden

At Hillsborough Fencing we believe the summer holidays are a time for adventures, particularly for young children. Our range of children's garden furniture can help but there are plenty of other activities to get kids outside too. Here are a few of our favourites.

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Quick and Easy BBQ Recipes that only take Half an Hour


Summer is the season when people get the most use from their gardens, whether it is for relaxing, hosting events, or routine household tasks such as drying washing.

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Quality is vital when you choose railway sleepers


Railway sleepers are surprisingly versatile and can be used for a wide array of different landscaping and gardening projects. They come in a selection of timbers, finishes, and sizes, allowing property owners and landscapers to be creative when using them. The one thing to always keep in mind though is that the success of a project and the longevity comes down to the sleeper quality.

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Trade Accounts - Explained

Trade Membership

Businesses both big and small benefit from a Hillsborough Fencing trade membership. We already have a number of trade members in the Sheffield and Rotherham area benefitting from our improved services and deals, and it’s helping their business boom.

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Made to Measure Gates


Every garden is different, and so is every gate, whether it’s a difference in material, construction method or style, or just a difference of a few centimetres between gate posts. You need the gate that fits your garden, and we want to ensure that you get it. 

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Hillsborough Fencing stock a number of greenhouses for any size of garden, for anyone from beginner greenhouse hobbyists to experienced gardeners.

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Amazing Uses for Railway Sleepers


Did you know Hillsborough Fencing offer both new and reclaimed railway sleepers? They’re great for building all sorts of garden centrepieces, and can even be used for furniture inside the home as well. They look great, being large, sturdy timber, and they’re really made to last.

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