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Trade Accounts - Explained

Trade Membership

Businesses both big and small benefit from a Hillsborough Fencing trade membership. We already have a number of trade members in the Sheffield and Rotherham area benefitting from our improved services and deals, and it’s helping their business boom.

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Made to Measure Gates


Every garden is different, and so is every gate, whether it’s a difference in material, construction method or style, or just a difference of a few centimetres between gate posts. You need the gate that fits your garden, and we want to ensure that you get it. 

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Hillsborough Fencing stock a number of greenhouses for any size of garden, for anyone from beginner greenhouse hobbyists to experienced gardeners.

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Amazing Uses for Railway Sleepers


Did you know Hillsborough Fencing offer both new and reclaimed railway sleepers? They’re great for building all sorts of garden centrepieces, and can even be used for furniture inside the home as well. They look great, being large, sturdy timber, and they’re really made to last.

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April Planting

There is something quite satisfying about tidying the garden as the sun starts shining, even its just pruning, tidying or even sowing something ready for the summer months. At Hillsborough we love nothing more than promoting garden care for keen beginners and reminders for the passionate expert. 

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Spring To Do List

To to List

You’ve probably been eyeing up your garden all March, but with the weather remaining chilly and often stormy it’s been difficult to get out there. Now that the clocks have sprung forward, and the weather is getting brighter and warmer, it’s time to get yourself out there and get gardening.

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Outdoor Play and National Delivery

Spring is the season of the new; new beginnings, new growth, and new garden projects. We’ve got some new stuff for you at Hillsborough, too. A new line of children’s garden furniture and a new nationwide delivery service. Make the most of spring and get something new for your garden, wherever you are.

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DIY vs Professional Decking Fit

DIY vs Professional

The eternal question when it comes to decking your garden - to handle it yourself or to hire professional help? As is often the case, the answer is based a lot on your preferences and your abilities. Each side has great things going for it, but problems too, and at the end of the day, it’s your decking and your decision to make, not one we can make for you. 

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It's all about how to Deck.


Believe it or not decking is easier to lay than paving, and the building is incredibly simply. Using pressure-treated timber and screws that are designed specifically for decking, will ensure a long life and durability for your decking. 

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New Year - New Garden?

New Year

Looking to turn your garden into more of a social area for the upcoming summer months? 

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