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Caring For Your Sleepers Indoor And Outdoor

As we mentioned in previous articles railway sleepers can be used for a wide array of different outdoor applications. Surprisingly untreated ones may also be placed indoors, serving as furnishings such as benches and tables, stair treads, shelving, and even a mantelpiece.

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Autumn Gardening Jobs To Focus On

Summer may be the season when you spend the most time in your garden but the majority of that will likely be spent relaxing. In autumn your focus should shift to maintenance, whether it is clearing away fallen leaves, keeping the lawn healthy, or protecting all of your timber. 

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How To Store Kindling Safely

With autumn well underway and winter approaching, more people are taking steps to prepare for the colder weather. An important thing that many are doing is stocking up on kindling, ensuring they have a supply of the fuel so they can easily light log burners and fires when the weather gets colder. 

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How To Install An External Power Supply

There are a huge number of reasons why people would want to install an external power supply on their homes. A socket would make it easier to power devices like lawnmowers, pressure washers, a hot tub, and even your outdoor lighting. 

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What Is The Foundation Of A Good Fire?

Lighting a fire is a little trickier than simply taking some logs and striking a match. Generally the logs will be too large and contain too much moisture to burn properly on their own.

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How To Light Your Bonfire Safely

Throughout October many people start looking ahead to November 5th and Bonfire Night. If you intend to have a fire in your own garden it is a good idea to start planning early, including gathering up the things to be burned and preparing a location. The following information will help you to get ready and light your bonfire safely when you come round to it. 

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Make your Garden Animal Friendly this Autumn

Animal Friendly Garden

Autumn is an excellent season to look for wildlife in your garden. This is the period when many species are foraging for supplies to help them get through the winter. Other animals will be looking for places to nest where they will be sheltered from the cold and harsh weather.

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Protect your Timber this Winter

Winter Garden

Winter has the worst combination of conditions for timbers, whether it is fencing, decking, or furniture. The rain, sleet and snow bring a lot of moisture.

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Create a Family Friendly Garden with Sleepers

Railway Sleeper

At Hillsborough Fencing we understand the value a family friendly garden can provide to a home. The space can be colourful, great for relaxing and safe for playing.

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The Benefits of Having Railway Sleepers in your Garden


For nearly three decades, our company has been producing and selling high performance garden and fending merchandise. Perhaps some of the most popular products in our collection however are the M-Track railway sleepers.

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